Piano Lessons for Teenagers and Adults

Piano playing is a skill that you can learn at any age. There's no age limit and I strongly believe that everybody can do it!

If you're still hesitating, there's no need to worry. Everything is achievable if you only put your mind to it. Moreover, piano playing (at any level) will give you a rewarding experience that involve both sensitivity and logical thinking._dsc9266

Soon enough you will de able to share this joy by performing in front of your family and friends!

I'm here to offer you my  knowledge, patience and a guidance. What you need is maybe 30 min per day (in average for beginners) for practicing, a resonably good instrument (preferably a piano 🙂 ) and...an all time positive attitude! During the lessons  you will refine your artistic views and you will understand and appreciate music at its best.

Subscribe now for a gratis proefles and together we will discuss your goal, we'll make a plan and then start on this amazing journey.

Are you ready to take this challenge? 🙂

Looking forward to know you,