Piano Lessons for Kids

penelope-the-hand-position-pigLearning piano can be both fun and challenging as a game,  so let’s give them a clever game to play!

Music plays an important role in intellectual and emotional development. Piano lessons are a great choice, especially at early age, when the brain is fast developping. But nothing is more valuable than a proper guiding!

Giving piano lessons is my passion, so I do it with full dedication.


My lessons are only individual, because I think it's important to give full attention to the child's unique profile and adapt the information so that it can be easily assimilated. Actually, each pupil will gradually learn the same steps of my method, but in a personalized way, which will stimulate all their potential and capabilities at the given time.

The outcome of this approach is of a tremendous value for your kids! Before you know it, they will gain hands coordination and dexterity while learning their favorite tunes. We'll continuously work on attention to details, discipline, perseverance, patience, flexibility in learning, a good memory and creativity.

The lessons for kids take place weekly. The regularity of the lessons is very important, especially for beginners. The lenght of the lesson we will establish it together at proefles. This is free of charge and takes  ~45 min.

Please feel free to subscribe for a gratis proefles. Looking forward to meet you and your future little pianist! 🙂

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